Customizing Challenge Coins

Unlike in the old days, handing out of challenge coins is not limited anymore in the military. In fact, it is progressively gaining popularity in various companies and groups as a material reward, souvenir, memento, or prize.

What makes these coins significant as token of appreciation for exemplary people is that it can be customized to bear an organization’s emblem, motto, and other information about the company. Additionally, it can also be made to have the recipient’s name, personnel number, or batch number. This gives the token a deeper meaning and a more personalized touch.

In considering ordering of challenge coins it is important to know first the basic steps and choices to be able to create an elegant and memorable coin.

Coin Ideas

The best way to customize challenge coins is to design them personally. Ideas, images, or custom art can be sent to the manufacturer so they can give ideas and suggestions on how the design can be improved. They may also ask permission to edit the design if it is not suitable to be put in the coin. However if art is not one’s forte, it is advisable to hand out the designing task to the manufacturer itself. Many makers of these coins accept designing jobs. One can talk to them so ideas can be relayed, and images or logos can be seen by the designer. Of course, after the design is finished, the designer will show the product to the client so editing can be done if necessary.

Coin Shape

Traditionally, coins are always made as circular in shape. But nowadays, coins can be made to be any shape one wants. Aside from circle, the most common shapes for these coins include square, dog tag, star, and triangle.

Coins Dimensions and Weight

Standard challenge coins measure 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter. But of course in customizing coins, this measurement can be altered. But before deviating from the standard size, one should remember that coins with a diameter of less than 1.5 inches can be lost easily. However, it is extremely easy to carry around or be put in a purse. On the other hand, coins that have a diameter of more than 2 inches are too large to carry around. On the upside, large coins make great car badges or show pieces.

Military Coins

As for the coin’s thickness, the standard would be 3 millimetres. Naturally, this can also be adjusted but any thicker than the standard thickness would mean heavier weight compared to the standard weight of 1.5 ounces.

Coin Material and Style

Depending on the taste of the client, challenge coins can be made with copper, brass, silver, gold, and other materials. Different materials give different aesthetic value and also possess different durability and quality.

To improve the coin, different metal styles are also available. Options include but are not limited to polished silver, black nickel, and polished gold metal.

Aside from the metal styles, additional finish options are also a great way to enhance a coin. Finish options include antique gold, antique brass, or a duo-tone effect.

To further improve the elegance of the coin, diamond cut edges can also be added. Rope cut, wave cut, cross cut, and oblique cut edges are a great edge design to match the logo engraved in the coin.

Additional Coin Options

Whatever style of custom coin one wants, there will always be additional features that can be added to the coin. Such include epoxy coating, 3D designs, text engraving, sequential numbering, or even keychain attachment.

And of course, the best way to hand out this kind of coin is to enclose it in an elegant packaging. That is why manufacturers also offer different packaging selections like PVC pouch, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, or custom pouch insert.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Keynote Speaker

Being invited as a keynote speaker for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help you in this important undertaking, here are the basic rules that keynote speakers must follow whenever they have a conference to attend to:

• Do study the night before :

As a keynote speaker, you should always come prepared. Even if you are already an expert in the topic you are going to give a lecture on, it is still a must that you study the night before. Your attendees will be listening intently to whatever you have to say, so you have to make sure that all that you say is well-researched and relevant to the theme of the conference.

keynote speakers

Also, it is a must that you practice beforehand. Try the classic technique of speaking in front of the mirror so that you know what you look like while delivering your speech. You should appear confident about the subject matter. Delivering the speech well also means that you are able to speak without stuttering or making unnecessary pauses. By practicing the night before, you will be able to remove, or at the least minimize, these unwanted mannerisms or behavior.

• Do not be late :

As the keynote speaker, your presence is very important to the conference. But this does not mean that you have the right to arrive late. Respect the schedule given to you. You are a professional and that means you should not be tardy. The attendees are also professionals and you would not want to waste their time by arriving late. Always be considerate. If the lecture is scheduled at 9 in the morning, try to be at the venue at least half an hour before. By arriving earlier, you will avoid being late and at the same time, you can get accustomed and comfortable to the lecture hall and to the people.

• Do not rely on your materials alone :

A common mistake that some keynote speakers commit is that they heavily rely on their materials. When you give out a speech in front of a huge crowd, it is necessary that you have supplemental materials such as a presentation slide or a booklet of your lecture. This is necessary so that the attendees can easily follow your speech. However, this does not mean that you should simply let the crowd read. They attended the conference because they would want to gain some insights from you. They would want to learn things that they would not find in slides or booklets. As a keynote speaker, you should not let your materials speak for you. Let the materials be solely supplementary. Your speech and your presence should be the highlight of the lecture.

• Do tell anecdotes :

There are some instances when a part of a lecture can get boring. This is very normal in all speaking engagements, especially if the topic is very technical. As a keynote speaker, you should accept this reality and instead of ignoring it, you should do something about it. A good speaker knows how to entertain the crowd without steering away from the topic. He does this by adding anecdotes within his lecture. Whenever you feel like the speech is getting too dragging or at some point, become less interesting, feel free to share some anecdotes. By adding this, you will be able to relate better with the crowd.

• Do entertain questions :

After you have delivered your speech, the common practice is that people are given the chance to ask you questions. You should always accommodate the queries. Try to answer as much as possible. By answering the questions, you are giving the attendees the chance to interact with you. And of course, by entertaining their inquiries, you may even learn or gain some information and insights from them as well.

Be sure to follow these rules so that your speeches would be synonymous with success.

As a keynote speaker, you should always come prepared. Read this page to know the Do’s and Don’ts of a Keynote speaker

The dark truth behind steroids

When you hear the word steroids, what comes to your mind? Most likely, your basic idea would be that steroids are a type of nutritional supplement that helps in the bulking up of bodybuilders and gym bunnies. Well, you are partly right. Chemically, a steroid is classified as a compound that contains a unique arrangement of four rings of cycloalkane. They’re found everywhere. As a matter of fact not only are they created chemically, as they are also found in animals and even fungi.

Anabolic steroids are those that are used by athletes to bulk up. Legally, one will need a doctor’s prescription before they can purchase steroids. Steroids are usually used to treat specific medical conditions. For example, they are prescribed to people suffering from AIDS in order to avoid or slow down muscle wasting. They are also prescribed to people suffering from muscular dystrophy. They can also be used in treating people whose puberty have been delayed.

steroidsAnabolic steroids are artificial testosterones, which is the male hormone. Naturally, the body would produce enough testosterone. Some, however, would like to bulk up even more. This is where the problem begins. Several athletes and bodybuilders abuse steroids, using the substance in order to have more muscle mass.

As to be expected, a doctor is not allowed to prescribe steroids to athletes and bodybuilders. They would have to rely on steroid alternatives instead. This is because anabolic steroids are really powerful hormones that can cause various negative effects to the body.

The following are some of its negative effects:

First, men who take anabolic steroids have a significant chance of undergoing some uncomfortable physical changes. There have been reports that men who use steroids have started to develop large breasts. Essentially, part of a bodybuilder’s goals is to develop a strong and pronounced pectoral area. However, this case is different. They have developed really unsightly, almost-feminine breasts.

Second, they also have really painful erections and some even have had their testicles shrink. This is brought about by an excess of testosterone in the body.

A terrible effect as well among men would be total infertility and impotence. Some undocumented medical reports also show reductions in penile size.

Women have also developed unwanted effects like a voice changes and increased amounts of body hair. Several women who abuse anabolic steroids have even developed mustaches and other unsightly facial hair.

Finally, a terrible effect of steroid abuse would be an increased risk in liver diseases and even cancer. Some also experience mild to major heart attacks.

This is the why doctors want people to start using steroid alternatives instead. Steroid alternatives, as an option (instead of using anabolic steroids) is definitely a safer and healthier choice. First, they do not produce the same unwanted side effects that come with using too much anabolic steroid. Another good thing about steroid alternatives is the fact that the level of testosterone contained in the medicine is regulated, making sure that the body will not react negatively to the presence of a bigger dose of the hormone.

Steroids, although medically allowed, are now being viewed as a dangerous substance by society because of the abuse done by athletes. Instances have been reported where they have used steroids before official games.

At the end of the day, steroids have their own uses and benefits. However, for someone who is only looking only to improve his muscle tone or would want to bulk up, using steroids might not be the best decision. The safer and better way to go would be to look for alternatives that are far superior to harmful conventional steroids.