7 Reasons You Cannot Build a Long-lasting Relationship


Finding a better partner for yourself is always needed, especially in the time of despair, loneliness, or just pure curiosity. A relationship should be a source of support and unconditional love.

But why does every relationship end so soon? Why do we see a partner as a soulmate connection, while things are breaking down so fast, we start realizing, “Maybe there isn’t someone right for me? Maybe I just can’t form a stable relationship. Is it me or do my partners always mess things up?”

To be honest with you, there are always two parties who are equally responsible for the downfalls of a relationship. Can’t seem to find common ground? Do your partners start ghosting you in a blink of an eye? Let’s see the reason why your relationships never come to fruition.

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Outdated Business Practices in the Dating Industry to Get Rid of in 2020

People date, people fall in love, get married. But every year, in parallel with the development of technology, this happens in more and more ornate ways. Sharon Draper, a psychologist, and resident relationship expert, spoke to us about dating industry trends that will be a thing of the past. We will talk about the trends of the dating industry, what’s been left behind, what will await for us in the future, and how to create the best chat online.

Dating Industry and New Trends

Love is increasingly being filled with gamification techniques, and it is not surprising that the world of dating apps, like online games, is filled with examples of bad behavior and bad business practices.

This is an inevitable consequence of the rapid development of dating services. Everyone has more or less become accustomed to ghosting (when a person disappears and stops responding to any attempts at contact after the first meeting or correspondence), breadcrumbing (a deliberate line of behavior to lure the victim with random sparks of attention, to only then disappear once again) or gatsbing (behavior that is associated with uploading various photos, stories, and statuses in order to attract the attention of a particular person), and each of us is present on one or another dating platform.

Dating trends show not only how people interact with each other, but also reflect the metamorphoses of human relationships. For example, the popularity of ghosting has shown us that people are tired of making new acquaintances – now it’s easier for them to simply cut off all connections than to come up with the right words for a soft break with a particular person.

New dating trends show new problems of people, as well as how they subconsciously try to solve their internal problems. Negative behavior is characteristic not only for men but also for women. So, if you plan to find love this year, keep in mind that you too can become someone else’s victim.

User Trends

There are business practices and there are practices that are associated with user behavior. Here are just some of the trends of behavior that online dating users seem to share nowadays.


Prowling is a sequel to the ghosting. You probably experienced this on yourself, but now this phenomenon has a name. Prowling occurs when someone first ghosts you, but then suddenly appears again after a few weeks or months as if nothing had happened.

A girl can prowl because she had a certain lull in online dating, she suddenly remembered you and experienced something like a syndrome of lost profit. And then she tries to re-ignite the spark between you, even if this flash was preceded by many signals that you simply do not fit each other.

The eHarmony service conducted a study on this subject and found out that people who meet on the Internet are much more likely to be prowled than those who do it offline (46% versus 15%). Most likely, this is because there is an “overload of choice” due to dating applications – they make us constantly feel the need for dating or even correspondence. Even when we don’t really need it.

What to do? If sporadic communication with a prowler, which manifests itself in your life at the most inappropriate moments, does not give you particular pleasure, the advice is simple – do not continue this communication. People constantly complain about bad behavior in social networks, but for some reason, they continue to communicate with those who demonstrate it. To put it in fashionable terms, it’s normal to ghost someone who prowls you.


Have you ever had such a person that you are so tired of swiping through the profiles of girls in applications that you simply give your smartphone to a friend so that they do it for you? Well, this is another byproduct of being burned out on dating, and it reached new heights in 2019! This is called outsourcing, and in fact, a full-blown business infrastructure is emerging around it. There are whole companies that are dedicated to managing one’s dating life, arranging dates, and so on.

How would you feel if you suddenly knew that a person went on a date with you as a result of messy swipes left and right by her friend, and not because of your disarming charisma?


And it happened that you went somewhere to hang out with friends and suddenly you see at the other end of the room a girl whom you met in the application before and even went on a date? Exciting coincidence, huh?

Perhaps this is the case of lovelurking, it is when people use social networks to track where you are going, and then organize a trip of their group of friends to the same event. Well, that is, the meeting is as if unexpected, but actually not. In Australia, for example, most people between the ages of 18 and 24 do so (52%, according to an eHarmony study). In the world of digital dating, people are constantly using new tactics in the real world to attract romantic interest. Digitalization and online dating are one thing, but there is no better ground for creating chemistry between you than face-to-face conversation. Online will never truly replace that spark that could flare up in real life.

Transition to the Mobile Market

Another big trend of the dating industry is that people tend to use mobile versions of dating services more and more often. Around 80% of the dating market is mobile. Now, on Teamo, 65% of the audience falls on mobile applications and the mobile version of the site, nine years ago we had the opposite situation – more than 90% on the desktop.

Users actively use short stories on Instagram — streams immediately appear in many dating services. So, Mamba launched a similar service. Traveling and sharing it with friends is a favorite pastime for young people. And here Tourbar will help them because quickly finding the right guide and companion is an opportunity to make an unforgettable adventure out of an ordinary trip.

60% of Mamba users use the mobile version of the service. The traffic from the desktop version is still ongoing, but not as active as a few years ago. This is a global trend, almost all new dating startups do not make a desktop version at all, in particular, because it is very difficult to attract a new audience to it at the start.

The differences in the mobile and desktop versions of Mamba are in the options presented in them. There are several atavism services in the web version that are used by a small percentage of people, for example, the blogging platform.

Such atavism services were not implemented in the mobile version, since they have relatively little coverage, and we focus on what the majority uses. But they don’t want to close such platforms, because there is a loyal audience, people have been using the same blog service for ten years, and it is dear to them. Therefore, Mamba developers do not port it to mobile and do not close it.

Judging by the trends in the biggest market in the world, the USA, we can safely say that the thin line between social networks and dating services will begin to disappear. Facebook is developing its own dating service and people seem to always transition to social networks instead of texting via dating apps.

Another trend of the dating industry is that dating services must be safe, secure, and, in a way, predictable. New trends are most often the opposite of the main trend – in the United States, this is a common vector for the criminalization of sex.

In addition to banning sex topics on Facebook, another striking example is the closure of Craigslist Personals, which had the focus of sex, despite, by the way, the most primitive technology. So wait for anonymous sex sects.

Recommendations for new Market Players

Ratings are not such a large market compared to alternatives, and in and of itself does not grow very fast. In recent years, only Tinder and Bumble have truly taken off (they turned from a startup into a billion-dollar business). At the same time, starting a dating service with little money does not work – you need to immediately attract a critical mass of users. So among investors, this direction has not been popular for many years.

It seems to novice entrepreneurs that if they used the dating service for six months, then they have already become experts in it because everything looks so simple. In fact, making a great dating service is extremely difficult and you need a lot of specific knowledge.

In this regard, here’s a simple tip – attract professionals with proven successful experience. I also recommend that those who want to establish their dating startup do not try to create another Tinder clone.

Search Google for a dating application and make sure that no one has done anything similar since all the obvious ideas have been tried out quite a couple of times – hundreds of new dating services with similar ideas are launched every year. It’s best to test truly original concepts that no one has never been tried out yet.


The dating industry has been rapidly developing over the past years. Some trends come, some trends go, but one thing is certain, the market won’t get smaller anytime soon.